Vinay Murthy

Solutions Architect and Deputy Program Manager Leidos

“Obesity is its most insidious in that it is a continued cycle of entrapment. It takes away your energy, your self-confidence, and fills you with fear. This is in no way abated by the plethora of negative reinforcement provided by everyone around you and the multitude of products reminding you of the life consequences of the disease with no realistic cure. Much like conquering a demon, conquering obesity begins by eliminating the fear. Tim’s program has done that for me in a tremendous way. Metamorphix understands the need to provide fulfillment to the trinity of mind, body, and soul. The program is tailored to your needs and abilities and concentrates on building you up with positive reinforcement. Any progress regardless of its size represents progress and with this foundation you are inspired to push yourself further and achieve your weight objectives. For me, I no longer fear going to the gym or find myself spending time worrying about anyone else. My diet, exercise routine, and health is my own and with Tim’s help has constantly progressed towards a better tomorrow. Tim’s sport supplement offerings can align to any dietary restriction and can help your performance in the gym so that you have the ability to push yourself harder than you think you can. Through Tim’s support and my pursuit of health improvement, I have been able to lose 12 inches off my waist and thus so far a total of 80 pounds. With this behind me, I know the best is yet to come.”

William Banks

“I trained with Timothy Vincent Haynes for about 1 ½ years. Tim is the ultimate fitness professional when it comes to developing the body to meet its full potential not only from aesthetic perspective, but also from a health perspective as well.  I’ve had training sessions with other professionals that were pretty good, but Tim took fitness training and nutritional wellness to entire different level. Tim has a very strong nutritional background and also understands the physiology of the body just as well (if not better) than any nurse or doctor on the market. 

 During the training sessions, Tim would teach me in intricate detail how to execute each of the individual exercises. He did this by demonstrating exactly how to push and pull every single planned exercise for the day. Another key thing Tim would do was constantly emphasize proper form while never compromise form to finish any exercise. For example, if I was struggling to complete my last 7 of 10 reps of dumbbell curves at 135 pounds, Tim would stop me immediately, lower the weight to 125 pounds and have me max out the planned 10 reps with proper form. Tim was great at emphasizing this point. Each week Tim would have a planned set of workouts to cover the entire body including core (abdominals), legs, back, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. His plans were set for 3 to 5 days a week. Some days were strength training and some days were endurance training depending on what direction Tim wanted to emphasize change in the body. Tim pushed me really hard within reason and made sure that I did my best during each workout and was a great a motivational coach. This allowed me to max out most of the time during each training session. I consider all of my training sessions A+ due to the fact that I saw changes and improvements each week.

After my training sessions each week, Tim would do a progress evaluation by taking waist measurements of the client’s body sizes in inches, weight the body on the scale, taking a body mass index (BMI) test and other different tests to gauge changes and progress throughout from diet and exercises throughout the week.  Tim would analyze all of the results from the data and make informed adjustments and tweaks to the nutritional plans and workouts for the upcoming week with the goal of keeping me on track to meet health and fitness goals.

In addition, Tim would design nutritional and workout programs specifically tailored to meeting each individual client’s fitness goals and needs. For example, Tim may switch up the proteins by having me eat red meat instead of fish to help with building muscle better, or Tim would have me increase my calorie intake on proteins and decrease slightly on the fuel efficient carbohydrates (sweet potatoes or brown rice). Tim actually had all of this written down for me in a formal word document that basically had a weekly planned laid out. The only thing I had to do was be disciplined and execute the plan he laid out. His attention to detail is one of the reasons I saw drastic results in a 3 week period when I looked at a before and after photo for the first time.

Overall, working with Tim was an invaluable experience. I had the luxury of working with someone that gave more that 150% of effort each time he trained and evaluated me. Tim treated my body as if he was training and nurturing his own. From my perspective, having Tim as your trainer is like having a doctor, nutritionist and fitness professional all in one.  He’s not just a fitness professional, he’s also an educator that teaches his clients how to train in a way that is strategic designed to see maximize results. Overall I am rating Tim at Five Stars and Outstanding.”

Very Respectfully,

William Banks

Jennifer Lang


“I had been working out on my own for several years (running, lifting weights, playing tennis, etc), but didn’t achieve the results I had hoped for. metaMorphixx created a workout regime and nutrition plan that has allowed me to reach my goals. I’ve lost inches in my waist, legs, and arms! The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, professional, eager to go the extra mile for all their clients, and passionate about what they do. Other facilities could learn from them. I highly recommend metaMorphixx – so much that this is the only review I’ve ever written for any service or company.”

George Nicholson

Nicholson Contracting LLC

“Considering 6 bypasses and 12 stents in 2004/2005 and only 6 weeks with you before this expedition… I did great and kept up with the entire team. I am now one of some 20 people that have touched the mountain in history and it was a 4 hour trek across a crevasse filled glacier. I had to wait on a fellow team member to rest… that was amazing. the sessions 3 times a week for 2 hours each time with you worked wonders for my ability to handle the long treks, and constant intense working in severe conditions…… THANKS GUYS.”

Morris Pride

Southern Regional Hospital

“After years of working out with minimal results, I decided to look into personal training. Once I decided to make the commitment the team at Metamorphixx took it from there. They devised a fitness and nutrition plan tailored to my personal goals. Thy also provided a relaxed environment conducive to getting the most out of each session. In just 12 hours of training I could see not only physical results but an overall increase in strength and endurance. Thanks to the professional instruction and encouragement from the team at Metamorphixx, I am on the way to achieving my fitness goals, finally!”

Jonathan Donald Watson

Atlanta Public Schools

“metaMorphixx’s skills are no joke! I am 163 lbs from 147 lbs in 24 sessions of training. I have always been the skinny kid trying to gain weight for years and I did it in months. Most of all, I learned how to eat cleaner (they guided me step by step.) I have mass with no drugs and even my bodyfat % decreased. Need I say more? They are who they say they are!”

Robert Gentry


“Zario and Tim are the best. I actually look forward to my training sessions. Metamorphixx combines the perfect amount of education, enthusiasm and talent to make for a complete, well balanced approach to fitness. They take the guess work out of physical training. Cheers!”

Niklaus A. DelFavero D.C.

“Dear Tim,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job in getting me back in shape. It has only been 12 sessions and I have already lost 12 lbs, and my fitness level has increased dramatically.

My training goals have been to get back into competitive swimming shape. In the past, this has been a great challenge, where it would take me weeks to be able to swim over 1000 yds in an hour. I have been swimming just 4 times since training with you and this morning I was able to swim an intense 3000yd workout in under an hour! This is something I would not have been able to do without your conditioning.

Your knowledge of the body and ability to structure training regiments specific to an individuals goals and needs is invaluable and your dedication to your clients is unsurpassed.

I have been recommending your gym to my patients and friends, confident that they will achieve their individual goals with your services. I will continue promoting your gym to those who are thinking about getting back in shape or want to take their training to the next level.

Thanks again for everything!”

Todd Jilot

Keller Williams Realty

“I was referred to the Metamorphixx team less than a month ago and can already see results that I haven’t seen from working out on my own for more than three years. Besides these results, I’ve found the workouts to be easier than anticipated. I can honestly say I look forward to my workouts. I’ve learned a great deal about the importance of form, range of motion, nutrition, diet, and how to get the most of our cardio. The small amount of time I’ve invested in Metamorphixx has already paid off. I can hardly wait to see my results after the next two months!”