Business Client Fitness Assessment / Initial Individual Health Screening Consultation

• Complete fitness evaluation.
• General Nutritional Evaluation.
• 1 Full body and cardiovascular fitness training program.
• 1 Member online access to animated fitness training video.
• 1 Scheduled video fitness progress consult.

Corporate Client Services

Metamorphixx will evaluate the company structure, locations of operation and develop the appropriate health and wellness program. We will then implement and manage all employees’ participation to ensure they meet and maintain their goals.
Research has shown that a healthy work force is more productive, less prone to sickness which means less days called out for illness, stress reduction and more attention to the details of the task at hand.
Employers that allow for the health and wellness of their staff ultimately see an improvement in the company’s bottom line and an increase in general team work among coworkers.
Metamorphixx uses at variety of techniques in service of our corporate client health and wellness programs to ensure a healthy staff and work environment.


Online Fitness Program Consulting and Diagnostics
• Initial scheduled face-to-face full fitness evaluation via or online video service.
• Full Nutritional Evaluation.
• Full Lifestyle Evaluation.
• Complete Fitness Training Program Design.
• Complete Cardiovascular Training Program Design.
• Special member online access to your personalized animated fitness training video file.
• Scheduled instant video access to a fitness consultant for feedback on your progress.


Our online consulting services package includes:
• Member access to their individual nutrition and fitness profile
• Member access via live-feed for nutrition and fitness training issues
• Instant access to your fitness and lifestyle consultant for follow-up and feedback
• Regularly scheduled video conferencing with a consultant
• Access to the inner community blog to post your progress and develop fellowship
• Special member discounts on all other services and invitations to our group wellness seminars


Total Monthly Community Cost Formula:
Service Rate x Total Community Living Units x % of community participation in the services
All current residents of any participating multi-complex living community has unlimited monthly access to this services as long as they are a resident of the participating community!

Private Client Fitness Assessment

The BIA screening takes just 30 minutes and the Resting Metabolic screening takes 30 minutes and it’s administered prior to eating, drinking and exercising and is 100% accurate in screening your current body composition including BMI, BMR, Body Fat, and more.
Bio-impedance body composition analysis (BIA) measures body composition electronically.

Fitness Program Consulting and Diagnostics

We design and implement a base training and vascular plan along with identifying your nutritional needs with our dietician via information sharing. Metamorphixx reviews your lifestyle, including work, study, and travel i.e. distance to and from work as well as vacation time pre-scheduled that may prolong your progress and we evaluate your abilities to manage and commit to your fitness training program.
Once we have completed our initial assessment that includes your interview and current state of health information gathering, BIA assessment information, BMI computations and general range of motion limits, and finally your total body composition, we will complete your first four (4) week training program and implement it.
You will be scheduled a video conference with your consultant once you have received your initial first four (4) week Bronze Phase training. At this time, your program will be discussed with you in detail and you will have ample time for questions and concerns.
You will required to send a week ending training report back to your consultant at the end of each week of training via electronic file and your consultant will contact you within 24hrs to give you feedback on your progress. This process generally takes approximately 3 to 12 months to be fully engaged and maintained, however, you may progress through the phases faster depending on your ability to remain committed to the developed process.
Average time in this program is 6 months. All individuals committing to this program for more than 3 months will have an additional face to face meeting with their consultant at the end of each month via video conference or in some cases, in person, to discuss concerns and plan for the next level of training.

Group Wellness Seminar

An informative nutrition and exercises awareness seminar complete with health and wellness educational materials and Q & A section in an interactive group setting

Home Gym Research, Design

Complete research, design and set up of your very own personal fitness facility in a privet residential home setting incorporating individual personality treaties, color schemes and design elements that motivates and encourages you to use your training space on a regular bases.

Initial Individual Health Screening Consultation

Simple 30 minute questionnaire on basic state of health disposition which includes full body range of motion and flexibility assessment

LIVE FEED group fitness training

Metamorphixx “LIVE FEED” fitness training class
• Individual membership log on
• Access to daily fitness class
• Nutritional and Supplemental guidance forums
• Additional fitness training guidance forums
• Access to all previous recorded fitness classes
• Scheduled Q&A with instructor (Schedule Q&A via website contact form)

Nutrition Consulting (Some insurance companies accepted)

Nutrition consultation and implementation is provide to you by a licensed and registered dietitian with the experience to help you achieve your weight loss goals, enhance your physical fitness training and provide you with the proper amount of caloric intake your body requires for you not someone else.

Off Site Consulting Per Hour

MetaMorphixx consultants’ will research and review potential professional fitness training candidates that will suit your specific needs.

Office Gym Research, Design

Research and design of office, Cond, Apartment and Hotel fitness facility up to 5000 square feet of space which includes proper equipment acquisition and placement and layout with Fitness Facility Management available at request


Fitness Facility Management is available at an additional monthly fee based on facility size and operational requirements

Outside personal trainer/training research

Metamorphixx will research outside fitness professional to suite your training needs in your area

Total Body Composition Stats

A complete assessment of your current body composition

Weight Loss and Weight Management research

Metamorphixx will work with your health professional to implement and manage your weight loss program to ensure you reach your goals