Founded in 2005 and reorganized in 2011, the new MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, LLC was the brain child of Timothy V. Haynes, owner / CEO / Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist with a background that includes over 25 years of business health and wellness management, management of personal trainers, fitness instructors, and fitness consultants for independent clubs and major health clubs. Tim’s experience also includes serving as a PT instructor on several assignments while stationed on various military bases in Europe and the United States during his active duty with the US Army. This background provided him with a vast catalog of knowledge in the areas of health and wellness management.

With the ever changing dynamics of the health and wellness management in recent years and the challenges many business as well as individuals concerns are to maintain a healthy quality of life, stress reduction and work days lost due to preventable illnesses thus MetaMorphixx was redesigned and renamed Metamorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting LLC with the concept of developing the appropriate fitness program specific to suite the needs and demographics of each business as well as each individual within that program and to make our programs efficient, user friendly and able to apply and maintain within the lifestyle of the participant.

MetaMorphixx consultants works with large corporation staff fitness, small business employees and customers, multi-living communities and business health and wellness re-branding, management and customer satisfaction issues. Our experience gives an edge when it comes to health and wellness implementation and management and the consultants at MetaMorphixx are committed to providing the best in health and wellness development and management for all of our clients.

Metamorphixx customized health and wellness model has evolved into the current corporate health and wellness consulting platform and continues to evolve thus remaining on the leading edge of corporate health and wellness practices. Our innovative health and wellness program design, implementation and management consisting of nutritional consulting, weight loss management, personal training, BIA and BMI research and assessment for corporate and small business staff, multi living complexes and privet individuals provide the best sustainable results.

MetaMorphixx consultants also works with Military and law enforcement personnel preparing new recruits to prepare them for PT evaluations as well as seasoned duty personnel with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The skills and ability we have obtained over the years allows us to get any active duty personnel or potential new recruit in shape for their PT exam within a two to four week period and we can help any active duty personnel maintain a high level of physical fitness readiness because we cover a wide variety of health and wellness goals such as shaping & toning, weight loss, joint flexibility, muscle development, athletic conditioning and agility, metabolic assessment and exercise regimens as well as general basic physical fitness maintenance and overall health management.