MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting

Personal Consulting

Metamorphixx privet non-commercial health and wellness program design consulting, implementation and management inclusive of an individual’s current state of health, life style, bio-mechanical and nutrition concerns.

Small Business Consulting

MetaMorphixx consultants researches cost effective health and wellness programs for small businesses employees with a goal for the business of reducing sick day call out, stress management, team work among co-workers via our remote program development, implementation and management, and on-site health fairs. We can design a small business staff program to suite most any small business structure along with re-branding, management and customer satisfaction issues for those business already existing in the health and wellness industry in need of a professional make-over.

Corporate, Hotel Guest and Multi-Living Community Consulting

MetaMorphixx provides large corporations, hotels, and multi-living communities such as apartment and condo communities with quality health and wellness programs designed to meet the needs of each unique community. Providing services such as our member access to an individual nutrition and fitness profile, access to our live-feed for nutrition and fitness training seminars, and access to a fitness and lifestyle consultant for follow-up and feedback to name just a few. Please visit our Corporate, Hotel Guest and Multi-Living Community Consulting for additional details on these services.

Timothy Vincent Haynes

Wellness Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer

About Metamorphixx

Founded in 2005 and reorganized in 2011, the new MetaMorphixx Nutrition and Fitness Consulting, LLC was the brain child of Timothy V. Haynes, owner / CEO / Certified Personal Trainer and Sports Nutritionist with a background that includes over 25 years of business health and wellness management, management of personal trainers, fitness instructors, and fitness consultants for independent clubs and major health clubs.